Why German Eggs Would Be Illegal to Sell in the U.S.

If you are grocery shopping in the U.S., here is something you would never see when opening up a dozen of store-bought eggs: I distinctly remember my first time grocery shopping in Germany. I spent quite a while looking for the eggs in the refrigerated section before a friend pointed out that they found them near the bread. As if that was not strange enough for my American brain to process (I mean, who doesn’t refrigerate their eggs?!), I opened the case to check for broken ones and found that they were all covered in feathers, dirt, and god-only-knows-what-else. Over Continue Reading

The Confusing Process of Getting a Student Visa

After being accepted to graduate school in Germany, I posted a to-do list on my blog listing all of the things I have to do before the semester starts in Germany. I formatted it with nice little check boxes next to each item on the list, making it appear like I could easily just work my way through each item one-by-one until everything was taken care of. Well, like all things bureaucratic in Germany, it has not quite worked out that way. You see, I have run into this annoying paradox as I have tried to procure three specific documents: Continue Reading

To-Do Before the Semester Starts in Germany

Now that I have been officially accepted to grad school in Germany, I need to get a lot of things in my life sorted before the semester begins. To give you an idea of all the things one must do before they can study in Germany and to help myself sort my priorities, I figured I share my To-Do List. To-Do Before the Semester Begins ☑ Enroll in German health insurance Now that I am a student, I can get public health insurance in Germany for the best possible rate☑ Open a German bank accountI actually had one three years ago, but Continue Reading

Accepted to Grad School in Germany!

It’s finally official: I will be going to grad school in Germany! Many of you may be thinking, “You are just finding out now? Doesn’t the semester start soon?” Yes, I am just finding out now. Technically, I got the response to my application at the end of July, but that response was a rejection. I had to work a little bit to get the decision reversed (it ended up being a mistake on their end), and I was officially accepted last Wednesday. Picture from when I was mailing off my German grad school applications in May The school year Continue Reading

Summer Tour of Germany, Week 2

Welcome to week two of my summer tour of Germany. This is a look back at my two-week vacation around Germany with my parents from July 11 to July 25. If you missed week 1, go check that out first. Day 9: Bamberg We started off week two of our summer German tour back where Marco’s father lives with his girlfriend near Bamberg. So, since the few days before were quite hectic, we decided to have a relaxed day sightseeing around Bamberg. We got back to their home around 6 p.m. so that we could enjoy a nice relaxed barbeque that evening. Continue Reading

Summer Tour of Germany, Week 1

On July 11th, my parents flew from Chicago to Hamburg to visit me in Germany. This was the first time I had seen them in exactly one year, and I had two whole weeks of activities planned. I published a blog post just before they arrived with our planned day-by-day itinerary for their summer tour of Germany. For the most part, we kept to this plan. There were a few cities added to list, however. So, here is week one of my parent’s summer tour of Germany in pictures. Day 1: Arrival We picked my parents up around noon from Continue Reading