Today, I would like to talk with you about a very serious issue. I first noticed this problem my senior year of high school when my friend gave me three old German books that she found on sale at the library. As a new German-learner, I was excited to receive the books. After stepping back from placing them on my bookshelf at home, however, I noticed something horrible: the titles on the spines of the German books were facing the wrong way.
I put together a small selection of the German boyfriend’s and my books to show you just how serious this issue is:

Doesn’t that look horrible? As an American, I am used to tilting my head to the right to read book titles. Now, however, I look like a chicken as I tilt my head side to side trying to find the book I want (okay, maybe that is a little bit of an exaggeration).
But seriously, does this problem exist with books in other language as well, or was it just German publishers that decided to go against the grain?
And before some smart alack writes it in the comments: yes, I do realize I can just turn the German (or English) books the opposite way. However, this means that the books would technically be upside-down, and what kind of lunatic stores a book upside-down?