When I first came to Germany, I was always surprised by the blatant lack of national pride. At my first apartment here, my roommates actually used a German flag as a table cloth, and when I suggested they hang it on the wall, they just looked at me like I was insane. 
Ever since the World Cup started a few weeks ago, however, this has completely changed. When you go out on the street now, all you need is black, red, and gold. Heck, Germans even deck out their car in patriotic accessories (my German boyfriend included).
So, of course I am in on the action as well. Since I am not from Germany, however, the German boyfriend and I have been trying to split our patriotism a little bit. We each have a shirt representing each other’s home country.
And, of course, you cannot live in Germany without having jerseys of the German national team. I have the jersey from the 2012 European Championship, and Marco has the current jersey for the 2014 World Cup.
Watching the opening match between Brazil and Croatia was the first time I think I have ever watched a game in the World Cup. Although I do not really enjoy watching most soccer games, I find that something about the World Cup just makes it inherently more exciting. 
For Germany’s first game in this year’s World Cup, we projected the game onto the wall of a meeting room at Marco’s work. 

Since they won 4-0 against Portugal, we took to the streets afterwards to celebrate. Although my pictures make it looks like there was nobody outside, there were plenty of cars driving around town honking like crazy. Since it was a Monday at 9 p.m., however, most Germans were already in their homes.

Unfortunately, the U.S.’s first game aired at midnight that same day. Since I was a little pooped from celebrating Germany’s win, I missed it. Thank goodness they won.
Germany’s second game was on Saturday at 9 p.m. For this game, I went to downtown Hamburg with a large group of friends. Germany is really big on what they call “public viewings,” which is when an event is shown on a large screen in a public space.
We didn’t go to one of Hamburg’s main public viewings, the largest of which attract nearly 50,000 people. Instead, we went to an outdoor bar called Central Park, which was nice and relaxed.

As you already know, Germany tied against Ghana 2-2, which was not the ideal result. Then, the very next day, the U.S. went on to tie against Portugal 2-2.

I still have my fingers crossed and Daumen gedrückt that both the U.S. and Germany will make it out of the group. They finally play against each other on Thursday, which will be quite an exciting game for the German boyfriend and me.

If you want to know who I will be rooting for in that game, make sure to check out my article “Home Country vs. Host Country: Expat Problems During the World Cup” on Expat Focus.

And here is to hoping that both the U.S. and Germany can make it out of the group!!!