ABC's of Summer

Since this will be my first full summer in Germany, I figured it would be fun to make a little bucket list of all the things I want to do. I was inspired by Rhyme and Ribbons, an American expat living in the UK, to do this in ABC format. So, here they are, my ABC bucket list for summer in Germany:

Applications – I am still waiting to hear back from my Master’s application
Bike – I have a cool new (old) bike that I found in my German boyfriend’s dad’s garage, and I really need to start getting out and riding it more.
Charcoal – We have been grilling out quite often over the past two months, and I love it.
Delicious food – Sometimes Marco and I get stuck just making the same meals week after week. We should look up some new summer recipes.
Exercise – The German boyfriend probably will laugh when he reads this one, but I really should exercise more.
Festivals – I want to go to at least one this summer!
Geocaching – I have a travel bug that I took from a geocache in the U.S. years ago. I brought it with to Germany, and I need to finally go geocaching so I can get rid of it.
Hair – I have become way too comfortable lately with always throwing my hair into a bun. I want to start getting in the habit of doing my hair again at least a few times each week.

Ombre French Braid

Ice cream – Marco may not eat it, but that is no reason not to visit an ice cream parlor every now and then.
Joy – I struggled with something to find for this one, but I guess it is important to stay happy!
Knitting – My knitting needles are on the list of things I want my parents to bring with when they visit Germany in a couple weeks. I used to really enjoy knitting, and I want to get back into it.
Listen to good music – I have gotten way too complacent with listening to the annoying songs on the radio. I need to reconnect with my old favorite bands.
Marco – Also known on this blog as “the German boyfriend.” I just want to spend as much time with him as possible.

Courtney and Marco

Newspaper – I have always been told that reading the newspaper in German is great language practice.
Outdoors – Whether it is a hike in the woods or just sitting out on the bacony, I need to get out more.
Parents – My parents are visiting for two weeks in July, and I am beyond excited.
Quiet – We got a note from our downstairs neighbors that we walk too loudly. I guess I need to learn to walk more quietly this summer 😉
Reading – Too many books are piling up on my nightstand. I need to get crackin’.
Save – I have been doing a pretty good job lately at saving money, and I need to keep it up.
Travel – We already have a trip to Southern Germany planned when my parents come, but it would be awesome to squeeze another weekend trip in this summer to a nearby city like Copenhagen or Amsterdam.
Unplug – I have been spending seriously too much time on the laptop lately.
Visa – It expires in September, so I need to start figuring things out towards the end of the summer. Hopefully my next one will be a student visa!
Walks in the woods – I live right next to quite a large forest, and I would love to start taking walks through the woods at least once per week.

Walking through the Woods

X-ray vision – It’s about time I get the operation.
Yoga – Marco and I used to do a little yoga together each evening. We should start doing that again.
Zero sunburns – It’s not going to happen this summer!

What are your goals for this summer?