How to Decorate a German-American Apartment

Germany and the U.S. played each other on Thursday, June 26. Although Germany won 1-0, both the U.S. and Germany get to go on to the next round! Since I am living with a German, I wanted to go all out when decorating the apartment for the game. I split up the living room into two sides. The German boyfriend and I actually did not own any flags (besides the Chicago flag), so we ordered both of the flags you see earlier that week on Amazon. I started off by hanging the German flag in the corner above the TV. Continue Reading

Our Summer Tour of Germany

My parents are flying from Chicago to Hamburg in exactly two weeks. Since I have not seen them for one year now, I am so excited to hang out with them in Germany. Their trip also serves as the perfect excuse for the German boyfriend and me to make a little tour around Germany. Can you believe that despite spending nearly two years of my life in Germany I have still never visited Munich?! Well, I finally will be along with several other beautiful cities. To give you an idea of what we will be doing for those two weeks, Continue Reading

Germany’s World Cup Fever

When I first came to Germany, I was always surprised by the blatant lack of national pride. At my first apartment here, my roommates actually used a German flag as a table cloth, and when I suggested they hang it on the wall, they just looked at me like I was insane.  Ever since the World Cup started a few weeks ago, however, this has completely changed. When you go out on the street now, all you need is black, red, and gold. Heck, Germans even deck out their car in patriotic accessories (my German boyfriend included). So, of course Continue Reading

ABCs of Summer in Germany

Since this will be my first full summer in Germany, I figured it would be fun to make a little bucket list of all the things I want to do. I was inspired by Rhyme and Ribbons, an American expat living in the UK, to do this in ABC format. So, here they are, my ABC bucket list for summer in Germany: Applications – I am still waiting to hear back from my Master’s application…Bike – I have a cool new (old) bike that I found in my German boyfriend’s dad’s garage, and I really need to start getting out Continue Reading

Are You Upset? | Mistranslation Monday

This week’s Mistranslation Monday is an oldie but a goodie. It happened back when the German boyfriend visited me in the U.S. for the very first time, which was in May 2012. As soon as he stepped off the plane, all he wanted to do was go shopping. Germans have this weird fascination with how cheap jeans are in the U.S. so he was ready to stock up. Since I was living in Chicago at the time, we went straight to Macy’s downtown. Marco picked out a pair of pants pretty quickly, and took them to the register. Now, if Continue Reading

Grocery Store Check-Out | German Problems

When asked recently what my least favorite thing about living in Germany is, I had to think long and hard about my answer. While there are things that I think are better in the U.S. (restaurant prices and customer service, for example), there is nothing that stuck out to me that I really disliked about Germany. That is, until I went shopping at the grocery store that evening. Get your food on that conveyor belt faster! FASTER!!!(Photo by Wonderlane) In Germany, there is no such thing as a bagger. This job simply does not exist. So, when you get to Continue Reading