The German boyfriend and I spent a very lovely Easter Sunday together this year. It started off with a huge breakfast followed by an Easter basket hunt. Here are the contents of both of our baskets:

We also hid treats around the living room, and Daisy had a hunt of her own.
The weather was so nice, that we decided to go out for a bike ride in the afternoon. We didn’t have a destination in mind, but we ended up coming across the old abandoned fields of the Lüneburger Sport-Klub.
We brought a blanket, had a picnic, and enjoyed the sun. Then, after getting back home, we cooked a delicious Easter dinner.
That is bacon-wrapped chicken breasts stuffed with tomato, basil, and cheese and green bean casserole.
And the best thing about the Easter holiday in Germany is that it lasts from Friday through Monday. So, Marco and I had a perfect Easter weekend that consisted of lots of relaxing and recharging for the weeks ahead.