Lidl had rollerblades on sale last week. Since the weather has been so nice here lately (the temperature got up to 70 degrees Fahrenheit a week ago!), we decided we should pick some up. We each had two colors to choose from.
These were the men’s options:
These were the women’s options:

Can you guess which ones we picked? 
We have already taken them out on a few trips around the neighborhood. And I have to say, for rollerblades bought from a grocery store, they are pretty nice! 
rollerblading in Germany
Here you can see the colors we each picked.
rollerblading on brick
The worst thing about rollerblading in Germany is that nearly all of the roads and sidewalks are cobblestone or brick. So, you really have to have good balance, because there almost no chance of finding a nice smooth stretch of asphalt.
Since I had never rollerbladed in at least 5 years, however, I was pretty proud of myself. I only fell once!