Tomato Update: Week 5

So, I have not done a tomato update since exactly one week after we planted the seeds. It has now been five weeks since they were planted, and they have grown quite a bit! After about 3 weeks, we transplanted them to their own pots. Here is what they look like now: Hopefully we can move them outside soon!

TestDaF Ergebnis

I got my TestDaF results today! They are as follows:Reading (Leseverstehen): 5 Listening (Hörverstehen): 5 Writing (Schriftlicher Ausdruck): 4 Speaking (Mündlicher Ausdruck): 4 The highest score you can get on each portion is a 5, and you need at least a 4 on all sections to study in Germany. So, this means I passed! The 5’s I got in reading and listening are just like icing on the cake. I am so happy!

My German Visa Journey: Student Application Visa

In my last visa update, I talked about how I got a German language course visa. Since my German class ended and I took the TestDaF at the end of February, that visa was expiring. My plan is to now apply for my Master’s. However, the application period does not begin until April 1, so I needed an extension on my visa. Luckily, Germany has something know as a student application visa (Visum zum Zweck der Studienbewerbung) that gives foreigners time to live in Germany for 3 to 9 months as they apply to universities (if you can speak German, check Continue Reading

The American Foods I Miss Most

My March article for Expat Focus was about the American foods that I miss most. To accompany the article, I wanted to make a blog post with some delicious pictures. I also put the six foods that I mentioned in order according to what I miss most. 6. Girl Scout Cookies (particularly Samoas) Girl Scout Cookies by Hinnosaar 5. Root Beer A&W Root Beer by Banzai Hiroaki 4. Cheese Popcorn Billy’s Lounge Popcorn by stevendepolo 3. Red Licorice Red Vines by Incase 2. Reese’s Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups by KEF08 1. Mac and Cheese Kraft Mac & Cheese Three Cheese by Myself 🙂 For more words on this subject, make sure Continue Reading

Rollerblading in Germany

Lidl had rollerblades on sale last week. Since the weather has been so nice here lately (the temperature got up to 70 degrees Fahrenheit a week ago!), we decided we should pick some up. We each had two colors to choose from. These were the men’s options: These were the women’s options: Can you guess which ones we picked?  We have already taken them out on a few trips around the neighborhood. And I have to say, for rollerblades bought from a grocery store, they are pretty nice!  Here you can see the colors we each picked. The worst thing about Continue Reading

German Problems: Garbage Bins

If you spend a lot of time on the internet, then you have probably heard of “First World Problems,” “White Girl Problems,” or something equally ridiculous. Basically, these are problems that only exist for a certain group of people. So, when Marco made a comment about a problem he had when he took the garbage out the other day, I could not help but laugh, because his complaint was so distinctly German. So, I figured I would start a new series on my blog called “German Problems.” These will be problems that only Germans (or people living in Germany) experience. Continue Reading

A Weekend with Daisy

At Marco’s old apartment, he had a cat with one of his roommates named Daisy. Unfortunately, when we moved into a new apartment together, Marco had to say his goodbyes. Last weekend, however, we had the pleasure of having her stay with us for four days. Here are some pictures from this time: And my personal favorite (she stuck her head under my arm and fell asleep like this):

Bacon AND Cheese Hot Dogs

The local grocery store had bacon and cheese filled hot dogs last week. As soon as I saw the advertisement in the newspaper, I knew I had to get them. The package contained six huge sausages. So, for dinner that night, Marco ate three, and I ate two. We grilled them on the panini grill, which is how Marco likes to cook everything nowadays. You can see they didn’t exactly fit on our plates. Now, I have to preface my review by saying that cheese-filled anything is my favorite kind of food. So, I had high hopes for these guys. Continue Reading

German Peanut Butter Review

Germans aren’t big on peanut butter. In fact, when I made Marco try it for the first time almost three years ago, he told me it was disgusting. Luckily, he’s been around it so much since then that he has grown to like it. I, on the other hand, love peanut butter. I probably go through about two jars per month. Sometimes I think that I am responsible for at least half of Lüneburg’s peanut butter sales. So, I decided I will start keeping a little log of all the brands I try in Germany. We will start with the three Continue Reading