Re-potting plants on the balcony
Since Spring is just around the corner, I decided to start preparing. We have quite a few plants that needed re-potting, and we want to start growing tomato plants for the summer. So, we got some dirt and seeds from the store. Then, I spent a day sitting on the balcony and getting it all done. Well, it was a little cold outside, so I didn’t exactly sit on the balcony…
Here is a little gallery of all our plants and their new pots. Please excuse the fact that I don’t know the name of any of them…
Valentine's Day roses
Small rose plant Marco gave me for Valentine’s Day
Matching plants for the living room
Phoenix Palm
Phoenix palm in the living room. The pot (okay, it’s actually a garbage can from Ikea) is a little big right now, but hopefully the palm will grow into it.
Basil in the kitchen
Basil in the kitchen
We rearranged the living room, so the TV table is now at an angle in the corner. Marco though it was a waste of space, so we keep a big plant back there too.
growing tomatoes in an egg carton
Tomato seeds planted in an egg carton (cross your fingers that they will actually grow!)
Marco has had this plant for several years, and it has looked half-dead for a long time. I put it into a much bigger pot in hopes that it would come back to life, but I found these weird balls all throughout the roots:
weird plant fungus
Does anyone know what this is? Maybe some kind of fungus? I squeezed a few, and they were just filled with liquid. I tried to get rid of most of them, then put the plant into new soil. Maybe I should just throw out the plant, though…

This is another one of Marco’s old plants that I can’t stand. I cut back two of the three branches because they were about three feet long with just one branch of leaves on each. It looked ridiculous. I am not sure it will survive my drastic pruning, but we’ll see.
Are you looking forward to Spring? Have you done anything to prepare?