As you know, Marco and I are hoping to grow our own tomato plants for our balcony this summer. So last week we planted some tomato seeds in egg cartons.

I was so worried for the first six days when nothing was happening. But, I kept watering them each day, hoping something would pop up… Then, on day seven, a bunch of sprouts appeared!

So here are some pictures exactly seven days after we planted the seeds. On the right, you see the little cherry tomato sprouts. I would also like to add that this is the half of the egg carton that I planted. 😉

Here are what the little sprouts look like up close:

And here is the other half of the carton. These seeds are for normal tomatoes, and unfortunately, there are no sprouts here yet. 

Although, you can see that something is starting to grow. They are just a little slower than the cherry tomatoes, I guess.
I’ll keep you updated on whether I can get them to actually bear fruit. Although, I doubt anyone finds this as interesting as I do…
Let me know if you want a tomato plant, though. I am sure me and Marco will have way more than we can fit in our little flower boxes!