Growing Tomatoes: Day 7

As you know, Marco and I are hoping to grow our own tomato plants for our balcony this summer. So last week we planted some tomato seeds in egg cartons. I was so worried for the first six days when nothing was happening. But, I kept watering them each day, hoping something would pop up… Then, on day seven, a bunch of sprouts appeared! So here are some pictures exactly seven days after we planted the seeds. On the right, you see the little cherry tomato sprouts. I would also like to add that this is the half of the egg carton Continue Reading

Preparing for Spring

Since Spring is just around the corner, I decided to start preparing. We have quite a few plants that needed re-potting, and we want to start growing tomato plants for the summer. So, we got some dirt and seeds from the store. Then, I spent a day sitting on the balcony and getting it all done. Well, it was a little cold outside, so I didn’t exactly sit on the balcony… Here is a little gallery of all our plants and their new pots. Please excuse the fact that I don’t know the name of any of them… Small rose Continue Reading

Mistranslation Monday: TestDaF

As you know, I took the TestDaF last Thursday. This German fluency test has four components: reading, listening, writing, and speaking. The speaking section has seven different prompts, each of which gives you 1-2 minutes to think and then 2-3 minutes to speak. Everything was going great until I got to prompt #6. Topic: EheschließungOkay, I had never seen this word before, but the good thing about German is that they love compound words. So I looked at the word’s parts: Ehe=marriageSchließung=closing So, this probably means divorce, right? Alrighty. I then went on to talk about how divorce can hurt families Continue Reading


YAY! It’s finally over! After taking my first German class nine years ago, I finally took the TestDaF today. Now I just have to wait around for the results. When I finally get them, which should be in about five weeks, I will definitely let you guys know if I pass. If you don’t hear anything, then you can just assume for yourself…

Lidl’s “American” Food

Last week, one of the popular grocery stores in Germany, Lidl, was advertising a special “American Week.” They had a bunch of special “American” food products from the brand McEnnedy. Here you can see me in front of the big red, white, and blue display. I am putting American in parentheses because most of these things aren’t really American food, but rather Germany’s interpretation of American food. For example, you can see me holding the “Hamburger Sauce” and “Sandwich Sauce” above. What the heck is that? This next one actually is quite American, however. It is called an “American Snack Continue Reading

Mistranslation Monday: Damn Cloth

The German boyfriend and I recently got a panini grill. As usual, I decided to read the directions, while he was already ripping through the packaging and setting it up. “Before use, wipe the grill with a damp cloth,” I read aloud. “A what cloth?” Marco asked. “A damp cloth.” I repeated “A damn cloth?!” Marco asked, confused. Thinking that he was being a smart-ass, however, I just said, “No, a damp cloth.” “A WHAT CLOTH!?” So I don’t know if this misunderstanding was due to my poor pronunciation or his English skills, but long story short, Marco has learned Continue Reading