This year was my first New Year’s Eve in Germany, otherwise known as Silvester in German. So my German boyfriend had a great time showing me all of the county’s peculiar traditions, which I will now share with you in pictures.

Berliner in the Morning
We walked by the bakery in the morning, and noticed everyone was buying dozens of Berliner. In fact, it was all the bakery had. So we figured we should pick up a couple as well.
Berliner for New Year's Morning
 The one on the left is filled with chocolate mousse, and the one on the right is filled with applesauce.
Eating a Berliner on New Year's
The applesauce one was amazing.

Mind-Blowingly Delicious Raclette
Raclette is the traditional dinner for New Year’s in Germany. Raclette is a special kind of cheese from Switzerland, and you melt it over a mixture of meat and vegetables with a raclette grill. I will let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

Raclette meal

Eating a traditional swiss Raclette
Raclette on New Year's Eve
Yes, these photos are from different occasions. We have eaten raclette about 5 times in the past 2 weeks.

Dinner for One
It is definitely Germany’s biggest New Year’s tradition to watch Dinner for One. This is a British play that was once recorded by a German television station and has aired each year on New Year’s Eve since.
We actually turned it into a nice drinking game where we took a sip of our champagne every time James drank. We ended up drinking about 3 glasses each in a matter of 10 minutes.
Watching Dinner for One on New Year's Eve

A Little Drinking
Maybe a lot of drinking, but I am pretty sure that is traditional everywhere in the world.
Drinking beer on New Year's Eve
Thanks Aunt Dale & Uncle Jerry for the koozies!

An Evening Cigar
I think these photos say it all. The cigar was Marco’s idea, as I had never smoked one. You can see that I regretted trying immediately.

Smoking a New Year's cigar

Lots of Fireworks
Last but not least, is the crazy amount of fireworks Germans fire off. While fireworks are traditional on New Year’s Eve all over the world, I am used to going to see a professional display, as all the good fireworks are illegal in Illinois. But no, fireworks are sold EVERYWHERE in the days before New Year’s. So Marco got me a little package of some at the grocery store.
German fireworks for New Years
Then, at midnight, everyone goes out in the streets and shoots them off. Since I am a big wuss, I was scared of most of them. But I was happy to do the sparklers.
German sparklers
 And yes, Marco even shot some off of our balcony! 
Shooting fireworks off the balcony
I hope you all have a happy and healthy New Year!