Super Fast Shipping from the U.S. to Germany

I am pretty experienced in shipping packages between the U.S. and Germany. All I have learned, however, is that it is impossible to estimate when to expect your package in either direction. Ask at the post office, and they will tell you that shipping to Germany takes about 2 weeks. The last few packages my family sent me from the U.S., however, have been especially slow. Here are the last two packages I got: Sent from Chicago: 10/17/13Received in Lüneburg: 11/8/13Total: 23 days Sent from New Orleans: 12/9/13Received in Lüneburg: 12/31/13Total: 22 days Damn, that’s over 3 weeks both times! Continue Reading

My Last German Class EVER!

Today is (probably) my last German class ever! I am currently taking a C1/C2 course at the VHS, and today is our last day of class. Then, in about 2.5 weeks, I will take the TestDaF, a German fluency exam. So I have a very stressful couple of weeks ahead, but it is crazy to think that once this test is over, that could be it! So while I’m feeling nostalgic, let’s take a look back at my long journey to learning the “awful German language” as Mark Twain put it: 2005-2008  My very first German class was when I Continue Reading

How to Make the Perfect Soft-Boiled Egg: Egg-Perfect Review

Germany’s favorite way to eat an egg in the morning is as a Frühstucksei, or soft boiled egg. The problem is, the German boyfriend and I are horrible at keeping track of time and getting it to the perfect hardness. Luckily we found the Egg-Perfect. Here is how it works: The Egg-Perfect is made of some kind of plastic/silicone material, and it is flat on the back. You put it directly in the water with the eggs. Then bring it to a boil, and let it cook away. The Egg-Perfect slowly changes color to a darker red color at the Continue Reading

Low Carb Pizza Recipe

Since my German boyfriend and I both have type 1 diabetes, it is nearly impossible to enjoy pizza anymore. That is, until we discovered this low carb pizza recipe. Made from cheese and eggs, I think it’s as close as you can get to the real thing in taste with only about 6 g of carbohydrates in the entire 9×13 inch crust! So if you are trying to cut carbs out of your diet, here is our delicious recipe for low carb pizza: Low Carb Pizza Crust Ingredients:2 eggs1 cup Parmesan cheese8 oz. (225 g) cream cheese I live in Continue Reading

The Mystery of the Broken Heckscheibe

On December 10, 2013 at 2:15 p.m., Marco walked downstairs to return to work after his lunch break. I walked to the staircase window so I could wave as he left the building. But something was wrong. As Marco crossed the sidewalk in front of our apartment building, he looked at his car that he had parked there three days before. This is what he saw: He looked up to me in the window. We made eye contact. I ran into the apartment, grabbing my camera, a broom, and a dustpan. As I took pictures of broken rear window (Heckscheibe), Continue Reading

Celebrating Silvester in Germany

This year was my first New Year’s Eve in Germany, otherwise known as Silvester in German. So my German boyfriend had a great time showing me all of the county’s peculiar traditions, which I will now share with you in pictures. Berliner in the Morning We walked by the bakery in the morning, and noticed everyone was buying dozens of Berliner. In fact, it was all the bakery had. So we figured we should pick up a couple as well.  The one on the left is filled with chocolate mousse, and the one on the right is filled with applesauce. The Continue Reading

Mistranslation Monday: Zahnbrüste

The German word for toothbrush is Zahnbürste. Unfortunately, I find this word difficult to pronounce, so 99% of the time, I end up saying Zahnbrüste. Not a big deal, right? The Germans can probably forgive two letters getting switched around… Well, the problem is that Bürste means brush, and Brüste means breasts. So when I say Zahnbrüste, they picture something like this: And this can become awkward when you repeatedly use the word Zahnbrüste in front of your boyfriend’s family at Christmas… To read more of my embarrassing mistranslations, click here. Hey! This post is now part of Young Germany’s Continue Reading