Finally, here is a tour of our new living room!

One half of the living room is used as a dining room. On the left we have a cabinet with wine glasses, beer glasses, and shot glasses. Next to that is our dining room table. There are only two chairs at the table now, since it is just me and Marco eating there each day, but we do have two other chairs.

We also hung a shelf above the table, where we keep a bottle of wine from 1983 that Marco’s father gave to him, some LED candles, and an orchid (that Marco killed, but claims he will bring back to life). We are actually pretty proud of this wall, as it is by far the most decorated of the entire apartment so far.

On the south wall is the door to our balcony. The balcony itself is quite small, but it is nice to have. The door and window also let in a lot of light, which is especially great during these cold months. It actually keeps our apartment so warm, that we still haven’t turned on the heating!

Next to the window is the most important corner in the apartment (according to Marco). This is where we have our brand new TV. Marco actually wouldn’t let me take pictures of the living room until he bought a TV, because he said it looked too naked without it.

And across from the TV, of course, is our couch. Don’t worry, we plan on getting some artwork to hang over it soon. I know our apartment seems like a whole lot of big white walls right now…
Anyways, hope you like it!