Marco and I moved into a new apartment in Germany on November 1st. After building a lot of Ikea furniture, unpacking some boxes, and making it feel a little more like home, we are ready to share it with you!

Over the next two weeks, I will be giving a room by room tour of our new apartment. We will begin with the entrance. On the right, you can see the door to our apartment. In typical German fashion, when you walk through this door, this is what you see…

When you look left:

When you look right:

What the heck is going on here? Where do all of these doors go to?

Personally, I am not a huge fan of this typical German floor plan. Unfortunately, this is how every single apartment I have ever visited in Germany is set up. But no big deal, you can just leave all the doors open, right? Not when you’re living with a German…

Luckily, our kitchen is attached to the living room/dining room (a rarity in Germany). Many other apartments we looked at had the kitchen down the hallway, and each of these rooms had doors on them. I asked Marco what the deal is with all the doors, and the answer comes back to German practicality.

Basically, you don’t spend time in a hallway, so why waste energy heating it? Instead, you have a door on every room, and you only heat the room that you are spending time in. So in the night, you heat your bedroom, and during the day, you heat your living room.

I suppose the reasoning makes sense…. but I still don’t like it. Do you?