I had my first day of German class at the Volkshochschule (VHS) this Monday. Marco surprised me after my class by giving me a Schultüte!

C1-C2 class at the VHS and my first Schultüte
German children get a Schultüte before their first day of school each year. The parents fill them with treats and some pens and markers. Marco got me some Haribo gummis and a real ink pen! We don’t use those in the U.S., so Marco decided I should get the real German experience by getting me my first ink pen.
Other than that, class at the VHS is going pretty well so far. I am in a C1-C2/TestDaF course to get me ready to take the TestDaF in February. I need to pass this test to be able to get my Masters in Germany. I was surprised that there are no other Americans in the class. In fact, there is nobody else with English as a mother tongue. There are nine other people in the course, and they are from countries such as Belgium, Iran, Ivory Coast, Belarus, and a few more (nobody is from the same country). 
I will keep you updated on how class is going. I am sure I will be getting continuously more and more stressed until February. Ahhh!