I am moving to Germany in 1 week! So this past weekend I decided to do a dry run with packing. I got out all of the clothes and other stuff I want to bring and shoved it in the suitcase. I weighed it, and the result was…

Weighing my suitcase before moving to Germany

Not bad. I was pretty happy with this. I looked over my stuff again and decided that I didn’t need 3 bathing suits and moved a pair of shoes to my carry-on. I didn’t weigh it again, but I figured it was definitely below 50 pounds after that.

Well, then I realized that I didn’t pack any of my dresses… or hair products… or underwear. Okay, those things don’t weight too much, right?

Then I got an email. Requests are coming in from Germany for Chicago Blackhawks gear. Okay. A hat, a t-shirt, no big deal, right? Then today I decided to do some research on items that you should bring when moving to Germany. Measuring cups and spoons! What a great idea!

So I caved, and I decided that I will definitely be bringing a second suitcase. It will be worth it. I’ll give another update next week once I have both suitcase packed up.