Since I am moving abroad in about 3 weeks, I have officially begun packing. I will be flying with the Polish airline LOT. Not the classiest, but price trumps comfort right now.

My suitcase currently has one layer of stuff in it. These are all the essentials: medical supplies (insulin pump supplies, glucose monitor test strips, syringes, etc.), a few toiletries, my retainer that I never wear, a German soccer jersey, a Chicago Cubs hat, and a package of Slim Jims (no, those aren’t legal to take overseas, but the boyfriend loves them, so I’ll take my chances).  Maybe the last three items on that list don’t sound like essentials, but trust me, they are.

suitcase before moving abroad

Empty closet before moving abroad

I also have to pack up my room, boxing up all my clothes, furniture, and other crap to either store or donate. I have already boxed up all the clothes that I will not either (1) take to Germany or (2) wear in the next 3 weeks. You can see my closet is look very empty. Yes, I do have a German flag hanging in the back of my closet. No, I will not be bringing it with.

My suitcase is allowed to be 50 pounds (23 kg). I have already contacted the airline to see how much a second suitcase will cost ($100). But both times I have traveled abroad for several months, I have managed to do it in one suitcase. Heck, last time I had a full case of 12 bottles of beer in my suitcase (about 12 pounds)! I consider having to fit my life in one 50 pound suitcase a great exercise in humility.

I will try to do 2 more weekly updates of how packing is going, so check back to see if I can make it under 50 pounds. Do you think I can do it? Would you be able to fit your life in a 50 pound suitcase to move abroad?