I flew out of Chicago (ORD) at 9:50 pm on July 24. My family being the paranoid people they are, I got to the airport about 4 hours early.

Courtney at the airport before flying to GermanyI checked two suitcases and carried on my backpack and purse. The maximum weight for each suitcase is 23 kg. One of my suitcases was 22.6 kg, and the other was 22.9 kg. I am a master packer.

You can see that, even though it is summer, I am wearing pants, boots, and have a heavy sweatshirt with me. This was all part of my packing strategy. Those boots are the heaviest pair of shoes I have. They are easy to slip off for security checks too.

Overall, the flight went well, everything was on time, and I have arrived to Germany safely! I will write about my flight in the DreamLiner 787 in the next blog post. It was pretty cool.

Do you have a specific packing system? And are you strategic about what you wear to the airport?