Flying to Germany

I flew out of Chicago (ORD) at 9:50 pm on July 24. My family being the paranoid people they are, I got to the airport about 4 hours early. I checked two suitcases and carried on my backpack and purse. The maximum weight for each suitcase is 23 kg. One of my suitcases was 22.6 kg, and the other was 22.9 kg. I am a master packer. You can see that, even though it is summer, I am wearing pants, boots, and have a heavy sweatshirt with me. This was all part of my packing strategy. Those boots are the Continue Reading

Moving Abroad: Packing Part 3

This is the final installment of my packing saga. AI leave in 2 days and all of the essentials are now packed, along with all of my favorite clothes. I did finally cave and decide to take 2 suitcases. Once this decision was made, the packing process became much smoother. Just after this picture was taken, I weighed my suitcases. The larger one on the left was 38 pounds and the smaller one on the right was 30 pounds. It is nice to know that I have room for anything else I think of over the next couple days. I Continue Reading

Moving Abroad: Packing Part 2

I am moving to Germany in 1 week! So this past weekend I decided to do a dry run with packing. I got out all of the clothes and other stuff I want to bring and shoved it in the suitcase. I weighed it, and the result was… Not bad. I was pretty happy with this. I looked over my stuff again and decided that I didn’t need 3 bathing suits and moved a pair of shoes to my carry-on. I didn’t weigh it again, but I figured it was definitely below 50 pounds after that. Well, then I realized Continue Reading

Taking the Distance Out of a Long Distance Relationship

Marco (my German boyfriend) and I have been together for almost 2 years (23 months, to be exact). In those 23 months, we have spent about 8 months together and 15 months apart. The last time I saw him was in the beginning of January, making this gap over 7 months — the longest time we have gone without seeing each other. So finally taking the distance out of our relationship is a big deal. I am moving to be with him in 2 weeks. It is so nice to know that we will never have to have another emotional good-bye Continue Reading

Moving Abroad: Packing Part 1

Since I am moving abroad in about 3 weeks, I have officially begun packing. I will be flying with the Polish airline LOT. Not the classiest, but price trumps comfort right now. My suitcase currently has one layer of stuff in it. These are all the essentials: medical supplies (insulin pump supplies, glucose monitor test strips, syringes, etc.), a few toiletries, my retainer that I never wear, a German soccer jersey, a Chicago Cubs hat, and a package of Slim Jims (no, those aren’t legal to take overseas, but the boyfriend loves them, so I’ll take my chances).  Maybe the Continue Reading