Ever since my parents bought a house to completely renovate, I have become addicted to HGTV (Home and Garden Television — a TV station dedicated to home improvement shows). I regularly fantasize about being on House Hunters International someday, with cameramen following me around as I look at apartments in Germany.

 So one day, as I was watching HGTV, I saw a commercial for this House Hunters International Globe Traveler competition. Of course I instantly went online and signed up to get my bandana.

 Throughout 2013, HGTV will be choosing monthly winners — people who took a picture with their bandana somewhere unique. The winners get $500 — that could take care of some student loan payments!

Since I will be in Germany (and probably Italy) later this year, I figure I can totally take some kick-ass pictures with this bandana!

So I will let you all know when I am finally able to enter the competition, and I will definitely be posting those pictures here as well. Let’s hope the next few months go by quickly!