What I Love About Germany: Public Drinking

One of the big positives of German vs. American culture is public drinking. Yeah, yeah, yeah — they have an amazing history, beautiful architecture, blah blah blah. I don’t care about that right now. I miss drinking in public. I missed this ability most last week on Saint Patrick’s Day. Chicago has a very famous parade and river dying, and all I can think about when attending parades in the US is how great walking around with a beer would be. Although Germany may not have green beer (as far as I know), I love being able to take a Continue Reading

HGTV Globe Traveler

Ever since my parents bought a house to completely renovate, I have become addicted to HGTV (Home and Garden Television — a TV station dedicated to home improvement shows). I regularly fantasize about being on House Hunters International someday, with cameramen following me around as I look at apartments in Germany.  So one day, as I was watching HGTV, I saw a commercial for this House Hunters International Globe Traveler competition. Of course I instantly went online and signed up to get my bandana.  Throughout 2013, HGTV will be choosing monthly winners — people who took a picture with their Continue Reading

That’s Not My Name

Courtney is not a name commonly heard in Germany. I found this out immediately upon arriving in Germany the first time, when the man I had arranged to pick me up said, “You’re Courtney?! I thought it would be a man.”Years later I have now been dating a German for nearly 2 years, and my name has always been a sort of issue. I don’t think he ever actually said my name for the first year of us dating because he was embarrassed of his pronunciation. I have gotten used to the typical way that Germans say my name though. Continue Reading

American to German Plug Adapter

It was only 2 weeks before leaving the US for several months that I realized a plug adapter would be a neccessity to live in Germany. Here are my favorite products that I have been using ever since.   When traveling to Germany from the US, you need an outlet adapter. This picture shows the difference between the American plug and outlet (top) and the German plug and outlet (bottom). If you are bringing a lot of personal electronics (hair straightener, computer/phone/iPod chargers, etc) I find it much easier to just buy one outlet plug adapter for the German power Continue Reading

Flying with Diabetes

I have had type 1 diabetes for over 3 years. In those 3 years, I have been through the security in 8 different airports (3 in the US, 5 in Europe). I feel that I can confidently say that I am a professional at getting through airport security with diabetes medication and an insulin pump. Traveling with diabetes, you are told that you should bring along a note from your doctor stating that it is necessary for you to have your medication in your carry-on. I did bring a note from my doctor the first time I left the country Continue Reading

Eichhörnchen, Einhörnchen, und die deutsche Sprache

Translation: Squirrels, Baby Unicorn Squirrels, and the German language. While I was studying abroad in Lüneburg in 2011, I kept a blog for my school. Unfortunately, I only ever posted 3 entries to that blog, but I will share one of these posts with you now. It was written after being in Germany about 2 weeks: As I enter my 3rd week in Germany, I am feeling much more confident in my German-speaking abilities and can feel an immense increase in my knowledge of the language. I had been told by many people that understanding/being able to speak German will Continue Reading


It was about 2 years ago that I left the US for the first time. I was going to be studying abroad in Germany for a semester and I while I was definitely excited, I was also terrified. I never could have guessed how much that experience would shape the rest of my life, however.Two years later, I certainly still have a great interest and passion for German culture and language, but I am also now forever entwined in it. Although I am now currently living in the states again, I will be returning to Germany soon and cannot wait Continue Reading